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 FOR STUDENTS FVTM - FSI: Changing the faculty name.
Since 1.9.2017 there has been a change of name Faculty of Production Technologies and Management (FVTM) on Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FSI) more information here.

published: 1.9.2017

 FOR STUDENTS: Access data for the IS / STAG portal.
Sign up for eduID - Look for yours correct access data here.
P.S. When starting another study it is the login name(eduID) the original password is retained, which the student set after 7.9.2016 at his previous studies.

zveřejněno: 23.8.2017

For new students:
"Come stay in the dormitory" - (Information here).
Published: 19.7.2017

News in IS/STAG portal:
May 2017 - For registered alumni in the "Graduate Club", you can now sign in with authentication "mojeID" (description)published 24.4.2017
April 2017 - For registered bidders, log in using authentication "mojeID" (description)published 24.4.2017
September 2016 - Logging change - identity merging (description). published 7.9.2016
June 2016 - The possibility of registering in the "Alumni Club" (description). published 22.9.2016

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http://stag.ujep.cz - STAG UJEP, guidelines, deadlines and information.